Energy-Aware robotics

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    This chapter has a tutorial nature in introducing a number of useful concepts which resulted by reasoning with power ports rather than with signals, as people usually do in control. Arjan is one of the Godfathers in this way of thinking and he has been a pioneer in bringing these concepts to a new level, introducing proper geometry, a sound system theoretic basis and divulgating these issues. This chapter shows how, by using these concepts, it is possible to address or solve certain problems in robotics, control and passivity in a simple and straightforward way. It also presents a formal proof of a claim which is often used as a conjecture and which gives theoretical arguments to counteract the statement which is often used against passivity and saying that passivity is too restrictive and stability is what should be looked for. Many of the concepts reported in the chapter have been the results of discussions with Arjan or are still issues that I am working on with Arjan. It is a great pleasure and honour to have the opportunity to contribute in this way to a recognition of the incredible career of a college and friend for which I have incredible respect from an intellectual and personal point of view.
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    Title of host publicationMathematical Control Theory I
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