Estimation and Detection

R. Srinivasan, G.H.L.M. Heideman

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    The early part of the last century saw the development of the mathematical theories of statistical estimation and detection. Since then, these theories have played an important role in many areas of engineering. They have laid down guiding principles for processing of signals in the areas of communications, radar, sonar, radio astronomy, seismic processing, meteorology, underwater and deep space exploration, and biomedical research. These principles have given rise to powerful algorithms in numerous applications, as evidenced by the highly reliable and sophisticated processing systems that are in use today. The applications are too many to list here. However, a common conceptual thread that links them all is the extraction of information from signals that are inherently stochastic in nature.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationInformation Theory in the Benelux
    Subtitle of host publicationAn overview of WIC symposia 1980 – 2003
    EditorsR.L. Lagendijk, L.M.G.M. Tolhuizen, P.H.N. de With
    PublisherWerkgemeenschap voor Informatie- en Communicatietheorie (WIC)
    ISBN (Print)90-71048-19-5
    Publication statusPublished - 2003


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