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This paper presents the results of the EURESCOM Project 715. In February 1999, a large team of researchers from six European public network operators completed a two year period of cooperative experiments on a TINA-based environment, called the EURESCOM Services Platform (ESP). This platform consists of a variety of CORBA implementations, hardware platforms, and operating system configurations. The team has developed various multimedia services based on a subset of TINA's service architecture. P715 has also investigated stream management to realize the binding of audio-visual systems on the ESP. The interface uses a subset of the OMG stream service specification. The binding objects are integrated into the ESP, taking into account the TINA and OMG models for stream management to set up point-to-point bindings (H.320 and H.323) as well as multi-party binding (H.323). At present, P715 is probably one of the most important TINA test beds running between several public network operators. P715 has proposed some modification of TINA's Ret reference point. A set of basic IDL interfaces for components in the user domain was defined and proposed for standardization within the TINA consortium. Furthermore, the experiences with the RtR/3Pty specification and implementation have been input into the appropriate TINA work group. Finally, P715 has suggested a simplified implementation of the communications session management based on the “Control and Management of Audio/Video Streams��?, recently adopted by OMG.
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Publication statusPublished - 1999
EventTelecommunications Information Networking Architecture Conference (TINA'99) - Oahu, USA
Duration: 12 Apr 199915 Apr 1999


ConferenceTelecommunications Information Networking Architecture Conference (TINA'99)
Other12-15 Apr 1999


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