Evaluation of a cheap ultrasonic stage for light source coherence function measurement, optical coherence tomography and dynamic focusing

Nikola Krstajic, Stephen J. Matcher, David Childs, Wiendelt Steenbergen, Richard Hogg, Rod Smallwood

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We evaluate the performance of a cheap ultrasonic stage in setups related to optical coherence tomography. The stage was used in several configurations: (1) optical delay line in an optical coherence tomography (OCT) setup; (2) as a delay line measuring coherence function of a low coherence source (e.g. superluminescent diode) and (3) in a dynamic focusing arrangement. The results are as follows: the stage is suitable for coherence function measurement (coherence length up to 70 µm) of the light source and dynamic focusing. We found it unsuitable for OCT due to an unstable velocity profile. Despite this, the velocity profile has a repeatable shape (4% over 1000 A-scans) and slight modifications to the stage promise wider applications.
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JournalMeasurement science and technology
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - 2009


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