Evaluation of novel resorbable membranes for bone augmentation in a rat model

N. Zeng, A.C. van Leeuwen, Huipin Yuan, R.R.M. Bos, Dirk W. Grijpma, R. Kuijer

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Objectives Our study compared two novel, biodegradable poly(trimethylene carbonate) (PTMC) barrier membranes to clinically applied barrier membranes in maintaining volume of block autologous bone grafts in a rat mandible model. Material and methods Two hundred and forty rats were included in this study. Block autologous bone grafts of 5 mm in diameter were harvested from the mandibular angles and transplanted onto the contralateral side. The bone grafts were either covered with a membrane or left uncovered. The applied membranes included pure PTMC membranes, biphasic calcium phosphate (BCP) incorporated PTMC composite membranes, expanded poly(tetrafluoroethylene) (e-PTFE) membranes (Tex) and collagen membranes (Geistlich Bio-Gide). After 2, 4 and 12 weeks, the rat mandibles were retrieved and analysed by histological evaluation and μCT quantification. Results The histological evaluation revealed that in time the block autologous bone graft was well integrated to the recipient bone via gradually maturing newly formed bone and did not show signs of resorption, independent of membrane coverage or types of membrane. μCT quantification showed the volume of the bone graft and recipient bone together was maintained by new bone formation and recipient bone resorption. Conclusions Our study showed that the use of PTMC membranes and PTMC-BCP composite membranes resulted in similar bone remodelling to the collagen membranes and e-PTFE membranes and that the use of barrier membranes did not interfere with bone remodelling of the bone grafts and recipient bones. However, the used barrier membranes seemed not to contribute in maintaining the volume of block autologous bone grafts
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)e8-e14
JournalClinical oral implants research
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 7 Nov 2016


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