Evanescent character of the repulsive thermal casimir force

Vitaly Svetovoy

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    The physical origin of the negative thermal correction to the Casimir force between metals is clarified. For this purpose the asymptotic behavior of the thermal Casimir force is analyzed at large and small distances in the real frequency representation. Contributions from propagating and evanescent waves are considered separately. At large distances they cancel each other in substantial degree so that only the attractive Lifshitz limit survives. At smaller separations the repulsive evanescent contribution of s-polarization dominates in the case of two metals or a metal and a high-permittivity dielectric. Common origin and order of magnitude of the repulsion in these two cases demonstrate naturalness of the controversial large thermal correction between metals.
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    Article number062102
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    JournalPhysical review A: Atomic, molecular, and optical physics
    Issue number07CH37910C/6
    Publication statusPublished - 5 Dec 2007


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