Exploring mental health dynamics during eating disorder treatment: A psychometric network study with panel data

Jan Alexander de Vos*, Mirjam Radstaak, Peter M. ten Klooster, Ernst T. Bohlmeijer, Gerben J. Westerhof

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

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Objective To explore mental health associations during eating disorder (ED) treatment. Based on the dual-continua model of mental health, general and ED-specific psychopathology, as well as emotional, psychological, and social well-being were considered as mental health domains.Method Network analyses with panel data were applied to explore within- (temporal and contemporaneous networks) and between-person effects in a sample of 1250 female ED patients during 12 months of outpatient treatment. The associations between the domains and their centrality were examined. Autoregressive and cross-lagged effects were also estimated.Results ED psychopathology was the most central domain in the temporal network. ED psychopathology changes predicted further ED psychopathology changes and small changes in the other domains. Weak bi-directional associations were found between changes in the well-being domains and general psychopathology. In contrast to the temporal network, ED psychopathology was the least central and psychological well-being the most central domain in the contemporaneous and between-subjects networks. This suggests a central role of psychological well-being for experiencing mental health within time points.Conclusions ED psychopathology may change relatively independent from other mental health domains. Well-being domains may be considered as more stable aspects of mental health.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages14
JournalPsychotherapy Research
Early online date18 Sept 2023
Publication statusE-pub ahead of print/First online - 18 Sept 2023


  • recovery
  • psychopathology
  • well-being
  • eating disorders
  • network psychometrics


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