Exploring nonlinearity by feedback

Alexander L. Fradkov

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The possibilities of studying nonlinear physical systems by small feedback action are discussed. Analytical bounds of possible system energy change by feedback are established. It is shown that for 1-DOF nonlinear oscillator the change of energy by feedback can reach the limit achievable for linear oscillator by harmonic (nonfeedback) action. The results are applied to different physical problems: evaluating the amplitude of action causing the escape from a potential well; stabilizing unstable modes of nonlinear oscillator (pendulum); using feedback testing signals in spectroscopy. These and related investigations are united by similarity of goals: studying possibilities and limitations of changing system behavior by feedback and by unified methodology borrowed from cybernetics (control science). They therefore constitute a part of physics which can be called {\em cybernetical physics}.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationEnschede
PublisherUniversity of Twente, Department of Applied Mathematics
Number of pages9
Publication statusPublished - 1998
Externally publishedYes

Publication series

PublisherUniversity of Twente, Faculty of Applied Mathematics
ISSN (Print)0169-2690


  • MSC-93D30
  • MSC-70H05
  • MSC-58F05
  • MSC-93C10


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