Factors influencing the utilization of a school self-evaluation instrument

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School quality care has become important in many Western countries and a number of high quality school self-evaluation instruments has been developed and implemented to support this activity. However, little is known on the critical success factors for the use of school self-evaluation instruments. From this longitudinal study into the use of a Dutch school self-evaluation instrument it became clear that schools vary in the extent to which they are able to make use of self-evaluation results to improve school quality. The results from regression and multilevel analyses show that several factors contribute to the use of the self-evaluation instrument, including a positive attitude towards self-evaluation, the school innovation capacity, and the degree to which the evaluation results address the needs of the users.
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JournalStudies in educational evaluation
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2009


  • METIS-260150
  • Quality care
  • Student Evaluation
  • IR-79333
  • School-based evaluation
  • Evaluation utilisation
  • Performance feedback
  • Teacher evaluation

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