Fast and Accurate 3D Face Recognition Using Registration to an Intrinsic Coordinate System and Fusion of Multiple Region classifiers

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    In this paper we present a new robust approach for 3D face registration to an intrinsic coordinate system of the face. The intrinsic coordinate system is defined by the vertical symmetry plane through the nose, the tip of the nose and the slope of the bridge of the nose. In addition, we propose a 3D face classifier based on the fusion of many dependent region classifiers for overlapping face regions. The region classifiers use PCA-LDA for feature extraction and the likelihood ratio as a matching score. Fusion is realised using straightforward majority voting for the identification scenario. For verification, a voting approach is used as well and the decision is defined by comparing the number of votes to a threshold. Using the proposed registration method combined with a classifier consisting of 60 fused region classifiers we obtain a 99.0% identification rate on the all vs first identification test of the FRGC v2 data. A verification rate of 94.6% at FAR=0.1% was obtained for the all vs all verification test on the FRGC v2 data using fusion of 120 region classifiers. The first is the highest reported performance and the second is in the top-5 of best performing systems on these tests. In addition, our approach is much faster than other methods, taking only 2.5 seconds per image for registration and less than 0.1 ms per comparison. Because we apply feature extraction using PCA and LDA, the resulting template size is also very small: 6 kB for 60 region classifiers.
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    • SCS-Safety
    • Region classifiers
    • Registration
    • EWI-20020
    • FRGC
    • IR-76705
    • 3D Face recognition
    • Fusion
    • METIS-278710

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