Feasibility study of a reverse flow catalytic membrane reactor with porous membranes for the production of syngas

J. Smit, M. van Sint Annaland, J.A.M. Kuipers

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    In this paper a novel reverse flow catalytic membrane reactor (RFCMR) is proposed for the partial oxidation of CH4 to syngas. The feasibility of the RFCMR concept has been investigated for industrial conditions on basis of a simulation study employing a reactor model, which includes a detailed description of the prevailing heat and mass transfer processes and chemical kinetics of the relevant reactions. It is shown that one of the major cost drivers of a conventional gas-to-liquid process, i.e., the cost associated with the production of pure O2 via cryogenic distillation of air, can be decreased by 25% . Furthermore, a possibly explosive premixed feed is avoided, recuperative heat exchange is fully integrated and very high syngas selectivities are obtained (>95%).
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    Pages (from-to)6971-6982
    Number of pages11
    JournalChemical engineering science
    Issue number24
    Publication statusPublished - 2005


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