Film transfer enabled by nanosheet seed layers on arbitrary sacrificial substrates

Albertine Petra Dral, Maarten Nijland, Gertjan Koster, Johan E. ten Elshof

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An approach for film transfer is demonstrated that makes use of seed layers of nanosheets on arbitrary sacrificial substrates. Epitaxial SrTiO3, SrRuO3, and BiFeO3 films were grown on Ca2 Nb 3O10 nanosheet seed layers on phlogopite mica substrates. Cleavage of the mica substrates enabled film transfer to flexible polyethylene terephthalate substrates. Electron backscatter diffraction, X-ray diffraction, and atomic force microscopy confirmed that crystal orientation and film morphology remained intact during transfer. The generic nature of this approach is illustrated by growing films on zinc oxide substrates with a nanosheet seed layer. Film transfer to a flexible substrate was accomplished via acid etching
Original languageEnglish
Article number056102
Pages (from-to)056102-
Number of pages5
JournalAPL materials
Issue number056102
Publication statusPublished - 2015


  • IR-96683
  • METIS-310461


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