Flip-flopping fractional flux quanta

T. Ortlepp, T. Ortlepp, A. Ariando, O. Mielke, C.J.M. Verwijs, K.F.K. Foo, Horst Rogalla, F.H. Uhlmann, Johannes W.M. Hilgenkamp

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The d-wave pairing symmetry in high–critical temperature superconductors makes it possible to realize superconducting rings with built-in phase shifts. Such rings have a twofold degenerate ground state that is characterized by the spontaneous generation of fractional magnetic flux quanta with either up or down polarity. We have incorporated phase–biased superconducting rings in a logic circuit, a flip-flop, in which the fractional flux polarity is controllably toggled by applying single flux quantum pulses at the input channel. The integration of p rings into conventional rapid single flux quantum logic as natural two-state devices should alleviate the need for bias current lines, improve device symmetry, and enhance the operation margins
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Pages (from-to)1495-
Issue number5779
Publication statusPublished - 2006


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