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    Interest in Brain-Computer Interfacing (BCI) is growing. This can be concluded from the number of BCI papers appearing in neuro-engineering and neuroscience journals and that are being presented at BCI conferences and workshops. More importantly, it can also be concluded from the growing number of BCI publications that appear in journals and in conference and workshop proceedings that consider brain activity as one of the many modalities that provide a system or a device with knowledge of its human interaction partners, including the situation where a human interaction partner directly addresses the system or device, using BCI. That is, currently, we are seeing brain-computer interaction becoming integrated with other interaction possibilities and other interaction devices. This is an extremely important development. Integration means that information coming from other modalities such as speech, eye gaze, gestures, facial expressions, body postures and various physiological modalities (heart rate, blood pressure, and skin conductivity) can be fused with detected brain signals to make it more easily possible to give a context-aware and context-dependent interpretation of these signals. It means that BCI technology needs to be integrated with, for example, wearable sensors, speech processing and computer vision technology. However, it also means new challenges for (computational) neuroscience researchers and that brain signals need to be processed in non-clinical situations.
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    Title of host publicationBrain-Computer Interfaces: Current trends and Applications
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    Publication statusPublished - 2015

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