Forming processes and mechanics of sheet metal forming

I.A. Burchitz

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    The report is dealing with the numerical analysis of forming processes. Forming processes is the large group of manufacturing processes used to obtain various product shapes by means of plastic deformations. The report is organized as follows. An overview of the deformation processes and the materials commonly used in forming is given in chapter 1. Chapter 2 compares engineering and true variables and gives a relationship among them. Kinematics of the deformation and introduction to various terms is given in chapter 3. Strain and stress tensors are discussed in chapters 4 and 5 respectively. Fundamental physical principals of equilibrium are briefly described in chapter 6 and are followed by the general overview of the flow theory of plasticity and some terms related to this large subject (chapter 7). Constitutive laws that define mechanical properties of the materials and their response to the applied loading are explained in chapter 8. Finally, chapter 9 discusses application of approximate numerical algorithm in analysis of forming processes. The report is finished with some examples given in chapter 10 that explain some practical applications of finite element method
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    PublisherUniversity of Twente
    Number of pages65
    Publication statusPublished - 2004


    • IR-59507

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