Fuzzy group decision making in a competetive situation

Jiang Yan, Aart van Harten, Leo van der Wegen

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In this paper a group decision making problem in a competitive situation with two opponents is considered. Uncertainty in the score assessment for both opponents of any individual of the group as well as between group members is taken into account by means of fuzzy sets. The individual scores can be obtained either direct or via pairwise comparisons of alternatives. The group scores are then mapped into a fuzzy set of preference orderings using the extension principle. By extending metagames to a fuzzy metagame analysis the possible stable symmetric metaequilibria can be found as well as fuzzy ratings for each of the stable metaequilibria. The highest ranking stable metaequilibrium is then obtained by a fuzzy ranking procedure.

Publication series

NameBETA Preprint
PublisherUniversity of Enschede, BETA
ISSN (Print)1386-9213


  • Fuzzy ordering
  • Fuzzy metagame analysis
  • Group decision-making


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