Gestão de dados da biodiversidade: aplicação do padrão de metadados Darwin Core

Filipi Miranda Soares, Raíssa Yuri Hamanaka, Benildes C. Moreira dos Santos Maculan

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In the context of the management of research data and the need to standardize the storage and treatment of them for later reuse, it is essential to use metadata to represent the data. Due to the importance of using metadata for document retrieval, the study aimed to analyze the application of the Darwin Core (DwC) metadata standard in a Portal da Biodiversidade occurrence record. To evaluate the application of the DwC by the Portal da Biodiversidade, a correlation was made between the metadata of the DwC with the metadata of the record of occurrence of the repository, trying to understand the meaning of each metadata and if they correspond in fact to the metadata of the DwC, since the documentation of the Portal da Biodiversidade presents DwC as the metadata standard adopted. Of the 34 occurrence record fields analyzed, most corresponded to the metadata standard fields. There have been cases of duplication of fields in the biodiversity repository, the creation of fields in the repository that did not exist in the DwC and the existence of an inadequate field in the repository. Based on the example of the Biodiversity Portal, it is possible to delineate the importance of digital curatorship by seeking to group similar data sets and structure them in a way that allows them to be reused.
Original languagePortuguese (Brazil)
Title of host publicationWorkshop de informação, dados e tecnologia
Subtitle of host publicationAnais WIDaT 2018, de 27 a 29 de novembro de 2018
PublisherUniversidade Federal da Paraiba
ISBN (Electronic)978-85-237-1381-2
Publication statusPublished - 2018
Externally publishedYes
EventWorkshop de informação, dados e tecnologia 2018 - João Pessoa, Brazil
Duration: 27 Nov 201829 Nov 2018
Conference number: 2


WorkshopWorkshop de informação, dados e tecnologia 2018
CityJoão Pessoa

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