Go-Lab learning spaces specification

Ton de Jong (Editor), Siswa van Riesen, Ellen Kamp, Anjo Anjewierden, Lars Bollen, Effie Law, Jan Rudinsky, Matthias Heintz, Mario Mäeots, Margus Pedaste, Leo Siiman, Külli Kori, Zacharias Zacharia, Costas Manoli, Nikoletta Xenofontos, Eleftheria Tsourlidaki, Georgios Mavromanolakis, Dennis Gillet, Sten Govaerts, Adrian HolzerEvita Tasiopoulou, Yiwei Cao

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The current deliverable presents a set of initial specifications of the Go-Lab learning spaces, which is the interface that students see and use when learning with a Go-Lab online lab. These specifications are based on an overview of the literature on the use of cycles in inquiry learning and of the guidance that can be given to students involved in an inquiry process with online labs. The current deliverable is organized as follows: We start with summarizing the main learning goals for learning with laboratories. Then we summarize different inquiry cycles and synthesize a cycle that best fits the Go-Lab project. Next, a literature review of guidance for inquiry learning with online labs is given. We organize this guidance according to the types of support given and the different phases of the selected inquiry cycle. These inventories and choices then result in a set of specifications for the Go-Lab learning spaces and are illustrated with the three anchor labs we chose for the current phase of the project: Aquarium, Faulkes Telescopes, and HYPATIA. These specifications should be read in relation to the full versions of the mock-ups of the Go-Lab learning environments.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationEnschede, The Netherlands
PublisherGo-Lab Consortium
Number of pages150
Publication statusPublished - 2013

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NameGo-Lab Deliverable
PublisherGo-Lab Consortium


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