Government and higher education relationships across three continents: The winds of change

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    New strategies and policies regarding higher education are needed to solve the present higher education crisis occurring in many developing countries. The important question is whether specific forms of government regulation are more effective than others in helping to solve this crisis. This book addresses this question by analysing the relationships between government and higher education in 12 states in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Recent changes in these relationships are explored in an attempt to discover which are the most effective. Each chapter contains a case study of a specific country, exploring issues such as the market as a mechanism for coordination, autonomy in higher education, state control and supervision, governmental steering models, the question of "governance fit" and innovations in higher education. The final chapter combines theoretical concepts with the observations made in the country case-studies to formulate overall conclusions.
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationOxford
    PublisherPergamon Press
    Number of pages322
    ISBN (Print)978-0-08-042391-3
    Publication statusPublished - 1994

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    NameIssues in higher education
    PublisherIAU Press


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