Graphical Modeling Language Tool

M. Rumnit

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The group of the faculty EE-Math-CS of the University of Twente is developing a graphical modeling language for specifying concurrency in software design. This graphical modeling language has a mathematical background based on the theorie of CSP. This language contains the power to create trustworthy mission critical software and in turn to analyze it. The resulting diagrams describe the execution and communication framework of software and its fundamental properties like parallelism and reactivity. The language also has the ability to check for structural and design flaws like deadlocks and livelocks in the diagrams. For this graphical modeling language, a computer tool that is absolutely necessary supports all the strengths of the modeling language, and that in turn can be used in an elegant and simple manner. The modeling language is in an advanced state of completion but a computer tool is lacking. The assignment is therefore to design and implement the computer-aided tool in Java according to the MVC-Model. This application will be used as a prototype tool that shall demonstrate the graphical modeling language for designing concurrent software. This program consists of three parts. 1. An advanced graphic user interface, providing the user to create, save and load diagrams. 2. A Database to store the diagrams. Algorithms can be used in turn to search through the database and perform all sorts of analysis. 3. Code-generation functionality that generates code from the database. Currently the tool named Graphical Modeling Language Tool (GMLT), is realized to a certain extend. GMLT is fully able to create complete diagrams with the option to save or load in a database. The code generation and diagram model checking functionality are not yet realized.
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Publication statusPublished - 2003
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  • IR-56889

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