High-power atomic xenon laser

W.J. Witteman, P.J.M. Peters, H. Botma, S.N. Tskhai, Y.B. Udalov, Qi-Chu Mei, V.N. Ochkin

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The high pressure atomic xenon laser is becoming the most promising light source in the wavelength region of a few microns. The merits are high efficiency (so far up to 8 percent), high output energies (15 J/liter at 9 bar), high continuous output power (more than 200 W/liter), no gas dissociation and thermal heating of the lower laser level. Compared with the well-known low pressure xenon laser the power performance is now roughly a factor thousand higher. The operation of the system, based on three-body-collisions, uses the metastable state of the xenon atom as the ground state so that in the recirculation of energy a high quantum efficiency is obtained. Furthermore the homogeneous line broadening caused by the high collision frequency has also a strong beneficial effect on the efficiency. However, the required intense homogeneous excitation of the gas medium at high density is from a technical point of view a great challenge. From our experimental and theoretical work we found that at optimum performance the input power must be 1 to 2.5 [KW cm-3 atm-2]. We describe our results obtained with e-beam sustained and x-ray preionized systems delivering pulsed energies in the range of joules per liter. Furthermore we describe our recent results on continuous RF excited wave guide systems of about 37 cm length with output powers in the range of watts.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationGas Flow and Chemical Lasers
Subtitle of host publicationTenth International Symposium 1994
EditorsWilly L. Bohn, Helmut Huegel
Place of PublicationBellingham, WA
Number of pages8
ISBN (Print)0-8194-1860-9
Publication statusPublished - 20 Oct 1995
Event10th International Symposium on Gas Flow and Chemical Lasers 1994 - Friedrichshaven, Germany
Duration: 5 Sep 19949 Sep 1994
Conference number: 10

Publication series

NameProceedings of SPIE
ISSN (Print)0277-786X


Conference10th International Symposium on Gas Flow and Chemical Lasers 1994


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