High-throughput deterministic single-cell encapsulation and droplet pairing, fusion, and shrinkage in a single microfluidic device

R.M. Schoeman, Evelien Kemna, F. Wolbers, Albert van den Berg

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    In this article, we present a microfluidic device capable of successive high-yield single-cell encapsulation in droplets, with additional droplet pairing, fusion, and shrinkage. Deterministic single-cell encapsulation is realized using Dean-coupled inertial ordering of cells in a Yin-Yang-shaped curved microchannel using a double T-junction, with a frequency over 2000 Hz, followed by controlled droplet pairing with a 100% success rate. Subsequently, droplet fusion is realized using electrical actuation resulting in electro-coalescence of two droplets, each containing a single HL60 cell, with 95% efficiency. Finally, volume reduction of the fused droplet up to 75% is achieved by a triple pitchfork structure. This droplet volume reduction is necessary to obtain close cell-cell membrane contact necessary for final cell electrofusion, leading to hybridoma formation, which is the ultimate aim of this research
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    Pages (from-to)385-392
    Number of pages8
    Issue number23
    Publication statusPublished - Feb 2014


    • Micro-fluidics
    • IR-88248
    • METIS-300217
    • High throughput
    • EWI-24098
    • Deterministic single-cell encapsulation
    • Droplets
    • Pairing

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