How to pay in LicenseScript

R.J. Corin, C.N. Chong, Sandro Etalle, Pieter H. Hartel

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    Current DRM systems do not provide flexible payment methods, requiring the user to handle the payment by hand. For instance, when the user needs to pay for watching a movie, she needs to decide which available payment method is the most optimal and suitable. This is a rather cumbersome process for the user that can be avoided by the specification of payment policies. A payment policy automates the payment process of each content usage, choosing the best alternative among the possible payment methods. We show how LicenseScript is able to model payment policies, allowing the user to precisely specify how a payment of content usage should be performed.
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    Place of PublicationEnschede
    PublisherCentre for Telematics and Information Technology (CTIT)
    Publication statusPublished - Aug 2003

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    NameCTIT-technical reports
    PublisherUniversity of Twente, Centre for Telematics and Information Technology (CTIT)


    • EWI-860
    • IR-41396
    • SCS-Cybersecurity
    • METIS-217659

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