HR on a chip

Luuk D. Collou, Guido W.J. Bruinsma

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HR-professionals face the challenge of constructing a multiyear set of HRM practices that are in alignment with the strategical goals of the organization. The difficulty to create such a ‘HRM system’ is due to the number of possible HRM practices to choose from and the different effects each practice, or combination of practices, has on the alignment between HRM and organizational strategy. In this PhD project a strategic HRM simulation model was developed to optimize alignment between HR practices and organizational strategy. The model enables HR-professionals to simulate strategic HRM policy creation as they can now select a system of HR-practices and the model subsequently lays bare the consequences of these choices on employee behavior. The simulation model is grounded in configurational HRM theory combined with practical knowledge from over 175 HRM practitioners. While seemingly well-suited, no prior simulation model exists that tackles the design of multiyear strategy driven HRM policy. We are successfully applying this simulation model in research, education and practice within a training, simulation and serious gaming environment. We are able to capture the complexity of the complex system on a small digital device leading to aligned strategic HRM decision making, new business opportunities and better education.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2019
EventSaxion Smart Solutions Festival 2019 - Deventer, Netherlands
Duration: 14 Jun 201914 Jun 2019


ConferenceSaxion Smart Solutions Festival 2019


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