HTS conductor characterization at 27 K

U.P. Trociewitz, H.J.N. van Eck, H.J.N. van Eck, D.C. van der Laan, S.H. Thompson, A. Mbaruku, H.W. Weijers, J. Schwartz

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    A Ne-liquefaction system and cryostat has been developed and built to characterize the electrical and mechanical properties of HTS conductors at elevated temperatures. The device makes use of a coil type condenser inside the experiment dewar, which is fed by LHe. Ne-gas entering the dewar at room temperature, liquefies on the coil windings and drips to the bottom of the dewar, where the experiment is located. He-gas and Ne-gas are recovered. Approximately 1.5 l of LNe was condensed into the dewar in about 1 h after precooling of the dewar. The device has been used successfully to measure zero-field and in-field transport properties of Bi-2223 and YBCO high-temperature superconductors at 27 K.
    Original languageUndefined
    Pages (from-to)974-976
    Number of pages3
    JournalPhysica C
    VolumePart II
    Issue numberPart 2
    Publication statusPublished - 2002


    • Mechanical properties
    • Liquefaction
    • METIS-206807
    • IR-74756
    • Liquid neon

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    Trociewitz, U. P., van Eck, H. J. N., van Eck, H. J. N., van der Laan, D. C., Thompson, S. H., Mbaruku, A., ... Schwartz, J. (2002). HTS conductor characterization at 27 K. Physica C, Part II(Part 2), 974-976.