Human capital in European peripheral regions: brain - drain and brain - gain

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Project goal - The overall goal of the project is to build a legitimate transnational network to transfer ideas and experiences and implement measures to reduce brain drain and foster brain gain while reinforcing the economical and spatial development of peripheral regions in NWE. This means a higher quality of life for the inhabitants of these regions combined with a healthy environment. To reach this goal, the project group will study the effects of brain drain/brain gain, co-ordinate appropriate measures and diffuse this information in the whole NWE. In reality the project will address three groups of goals. The first group of goals are strategic and oriented towards the entire NWE-Region. The project aims to contribute to a more balanced growth and spatial development of medium and small towns in NWE and to a more systematic approach in reducing the negative effects of brain-drain in NWE.
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Publication statusPublished - 2004


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