Identification and Compensation of the Electrodynamic Transducer Nonlinearities (+ POSTER)

Hans Schurer, H. Schurer, Alex G.J. Nijmeijer, A.G.J. Nijmeijer, M.A. Boer, Mark A. Boer, Cornelis H. Slump, O.E. Herrmann

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    Based on a simplified nonlinear lumped element model of the electrodynamic loudspeaker in either a closed or a vented cabinet, a new nonlinear controller is derived, simulated and implemented on a DSP. The Volterra series expansion, a well known functional expansion to model nonlinear systems, is used to estimate the nonlinear parameters from distortion measurements. The controller is directly based on the nonlinear differential equation, and is tested for the case of a low frequency electrodynamic loudspeaker in a closed cabinet. Digital implementation is realized on a general purpose TMS320C30 DSP development board, using the automatic code generation from schematic entry of the Alta-Group SPW software
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    Title of host publicationProceedings of ICASSP 97 (International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing) Volume 3
    Place of PublicationMunich, Germany
    Number of pages4
    ISBN (Print)0-646-313037
    Publication statusPublished - 21 Apr 1997
    EventIEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, ICASSP 1997 - Munich, Germany
    Duration: 21 Apr 199724 Apr 1997

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    ConferenceIEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, ICASSP 1997
    Other21-24 April 1997


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