Implementation of a Personnel Management System "Beaufort": Successes and failures at a Dutch Hospital

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This case describes a project concerning the implementation of a personnel management system - Beaufort - in Medinet, one of the larger regional general hospitals in The Netherlands. The project plan included two sequential phases: firstly, the introduction of Beaufort to the central personnel and salary department (PSA) located in one building, and secondly, its introduction to the Human Resource (HR) managers distributed in remote clusters throughout the entire organization. The PSA department implemented Beaufort in accordance with the scheduled plan (phase 1). However, phase 2 was complicated by several social and technical factors that led to negative user attitudes, uncertainty, delays, and pessimism towards the implementation. Medinet approached a critical moment when a decision had to be taken as to what should be done next in order to keep the project running, and to get the decentralized users to more fully use Beaufort. Two-and-a-half years after Beaufort was introduced, the management had to freeze the project in order to find out when and how mismanagement had taken place, and what kinds of reactivation actions should be undertaken in the immediate future. The case shows clearly that there are variations in users' behaviors and acceptance of the new system in the two phases due to differences in technical and human issues. It provides valuable insights into IT implementation processes within a decentralized organization, and provides examples of the success and challenge factors that might need to be considered in order to get users at remote sites to fully use the system.
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