Inertial and magnetic sensing of human movement near ferromagnetic materials

D. Roetenberg, Hendrik J. Luinge, Petrus H. Veltink

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    This paper describes a Kalman filter design to estimate orientation of human body segments by fusing gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer signals. Ferromagnetic materials near the sensor disturb the local magnetic field and therefore the orientation estimation. The magnetic disturbance can be detected by looking at the total magnetic density and a magnetic disturbance vector can be calculated. Results show the capability of this filter to correct for magnetic disturbances.
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    Title of host publicationThe Second IEEE and ACM International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality, Tokyo, Japan
    Place of PublicationLos Alamitos, CA, USA
    PublisherIEEE Computer Society
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    ISBN (Print)0-7695-2006-5
    Publication statusPublished - 7 Oct 2003

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