Influencing the online consumer's behavior

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Addresses one of the fundamental issues of e-marketing: how to attract and win over the consumer in the highly competitive Internet marketplace. Analyses the factors affecting the online consumer's behavior and examines how e-marketers can influence the outcome of the virtual interaction and buying process by focusing their marketing efforts on elements shaping the customer's virtual experience, the Web experience. Identifying the Web experience components and understanding their role as inputs in the online customer's decision-making process are the first step in developing and delivering an attractive online presence likely to have the maximum impact on Internet users. Click-and-mortar firms delivering superior Web experience influence their physical clients’ perceptions and attitudes, driving additional traffic to traditional sales outlets. Provides a contribution to the theoretical debate around the factors influencing the online consumer's behavior and outlines some noticeable similarities and differences between the traditional and virtual consumers.
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JournalInternet research
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Publication statusPublished - 2004


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