Interactive navigation of segmented MR angiograms using simultaneous curved planar and volume visualizations

B.W. van Schooten, Elisabeth M.A.G. van Dijk, A. Suinesiaputra, J.H.C. Reiber

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    Purpose Interactive visualization is required to inspect and monitor the automatic segmentation of vessels derived from contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance angiography (CE-MRA). A dual-view visualization scheme consisting of curved planar reformation (CPR) and direct volume rendering (DVR) was developed for this purpose and tested. Methods A dual view visualization scheme was developed using the vessel pathline for both camera position and rotation in 3D, greatly reducing the degrees of freedom (DOF) required for navigation. Pathline-based navigation facilitates coupling of the CPR and DVR views, as local position and orientation can be matched precisely. The new technique was compared to traditional techniques in a user study. Layperson users were required to perform a visual search task that involves checking for (minor) errors in segmentations of MRA data from a software phantom. The task requires the user to examine both views. Results Pathline-based navigation and coupling of CPR and DVR provide user speed performance improvements in a vessel inspection task. Interactive MRA visualization with this method, where rotational degrees of freedom were reduced, had no negative effect. Conclusions The DOF reduction achieved by the new navigation technique is beneficial to user performance. The technique is promising and merits comprehensive evaluation in a realistic clinical setting.
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    Pages (from-to)591-599
    Number of pages9
    JournalInternational journal of computer assisted radiology and surgery
    Issue number5
    Publication statusPublished - Sep 2011


    • User study
    • EWI-21479
    • Angiography
    • CE-MRI
    • Segmentation
    • IR-79661
    • Direct volume rendering
    • METIS-287857
    • Curved planar reformation

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