Interference Rejection in Receivers by Frequency Translated Low‿Pass Filtering and Digitally Enhanced Harmonic‿Rejection Mixing

Eric A.M. Klumperink, Z. Ru, N.A. Moseley, Bram Nauta

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    Software-Defined Radio (SDR) and Cognitive Radio (CR) concepts have recently drawn considerable interest. These radio concepts built on digital signal processing to realize flexibly programmable radio transceivers, which can adapt in a smart way to their environment. As CMOS is the mainstream IC technology for digital, we would also like to realize SDR and CR radio transceivers in CMOS. Attempts are being made to integrate the functionality of multiple dedicated narrowband radios into one radio chip, which is reconfigurable by software [1, 2]. This is hoped to bring cost and size reductions while supporting an ever increasing set of communication standards in a single device. The SDR concept might also allow field upgradable radios to accommodate evolving standards or cognitive radios to improve the efficiency of spectrum use [3].
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    Title of host publicationDigitally-Assisted Analog and RF CMOS Circuit Design for Software-Defined Radio
    Place of PublicationDordrecht
    Number of pages38
    ISBN (Print)978-1-4419-8513-2
    Publication statusPublished - 1 Oct 2011

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