Introduction: multi-level and multi-actor governance

Oscar van Heffen, Walter Kickert, Jacques Thomassen

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    In recent decades, Dutch society, just like the rest of Western Europe, has been confronted with globalization, Europeanisation, economic restructuring, rapid technological innovation, first steps on the way towards the so-called knowledge society or knowledge economy, ongoing processes of individualization and societal pluriformity. These developments and changes pose major challenges to government.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationGovernance in Modern Society
    Subtitle of host publicationEffects, Change and Formation of Government Institutions
    EditorsOscar van Heffen, Walter J.M. Kickert, Jacques J.A. Thomassen
    Place of PublicationDordrecht
    PublisherKluwer Academic Publishers
    ISBN (Electronic)978-94-015-9486-8
    ISBN (Print)978-90-481-5594-1
    Publication statusPublished - 2000

    Publication series

    NameLibrary of Public Policy and Public Administration
    PublisherKluwer Academic Publishers
    ISSN (Print)1566-7669


    • National government
    • Government institution
    • Dispute settlement
    • Alternative dispute resolution
    • Policy arena


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