Introduction to NETFORM

Jaap Smit

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    Netform is an easy to use, interactive, language for symbolic mathematical computation. The well known, Formac package, which uses the normal representation of formula's, forms the basis of the system. This basis is extended by means of:1° A linear equations solver, which offers two different possibility's to describe a system of linear equations.2° The description of linear (electrical) networks based on the network structure.In this paper a more detailed description of the just mentioned extensions is given. It will be shown that symbolic mathematical computation can be a very attractive and powerful instrument for the analysis of electrical network.At this moment the system is implemented on an IBM 360-50 computer under the MVT operating system and serves 3 2260 display's in a 240k region. Batch processing is possible in order to be independent of the display's. A file mechanism makes off line preparation of a session possible.
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    Pages (from-to)31-36
    JournalACMSIGSAM bulletin
    Issue number2
    Publication statusPublished - 1974


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