Irregularity of bedform dimensions

C.F. van der Mark, Astrid Blom, Suzanne J.M.H. Hulscher

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Measured bed elevation profiles show that bedforms are far from regular. Even under controlled steady flow conditions in laboratory flumes bedforms are irregular in size, shape and spacing. Here we present a new Bedform Tracking Tool to determine the (stochastics of) bedform characteristics in an objective manner. This tool helps us in developing a model for variability in bedform dimensions. Form drag, i.e. the flow resistance that is attributed to the presence of bedforms, depends on bedform dimensions. We expect that by taking into account the variability in bedform dimensions the prediction of form drag will be improved. Present research focuses on the effects of variability in bedform dimensions upon form drag.
Original languageUndefined
Title of host publicationProceedings NCR-days 2006. 2-4 November 2006, Enschede. NCR-publication 31-2007
EditorsDionysius C.M. Augustijn, A.G. van Os
Place of PublicationDelft
Publication statusPublished - 2 Nov 2007
EventNCR-days 2006 - Enschede, Netherlands
Duration: 2 Nov 20063 Nov 2006

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NameNCR publication 31-2007


ConferenceNCR-days 2006


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