Is the HRD profession in the Netherlands changing?

W.J. Nijhof

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Since 1990, studies have been carried out by the University of Twente to describe, compare and validate HRD roles, competencies and outputs between HRD practitioners in the USA and in Europe. In 1993, a replication of the ASTD study was carried out in the Netherlands, which concluded that most of the ASTD roles were reflected in Dutch HRD practice. After seven years, the question is whether the profession has changed and, if so, in which direction. In this replication study, it is remarkable to see that no significant changes have taken place in the profession, although many writers are predicting new consequences related to trends like competence management, the learning organization and knowledge societies. The HRD professional in the Netherlands is mainly the classical or typical type of trainer.
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JournalHuman resource development international
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2004


  • HRD practitioners
  • Roles
  • outputs
  • competences
  • METIS-221384
  • Survey
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