Jet production in the D0 experiment: measurements and data-to-Monte Carlo comparisons

J.G. Hegeman

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A preliminary measurement is presented of the inclusive jet production cross section in pp collisions with the D0 detector using an integrated luminosity of 800 pb-1 of Tevatron RunII data. The cross section is studied as a function of jet pT and rapidity and compared to perturbative QCD predictions in next-to-leading order including two-loop threshold corrections. Also presented is a preliminary measurement of Z/γ∗+jet production based on 950 pb-1. A comparison to the sherpa event generator shows excellent agreement for jet multiplicities and good agreement for the pT spectra of the jets and the Z boson and for the inter-jet angular correlations.
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Pages (from-to)7-10
JournalNuclear physics B. Proceedings supplements
Publication statusPublished - 2007


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