JIWYNET: A project to implement the control of the mechatronic system IWY over a computer network

Laurence Smith

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JIWY is currently a mechatronic system in the Control Laboratory at the University of Twente. It consists of two motors that control the apparatus used to hold a webcam. The two motors are controlled by the x and y positions of a joystick. The control loop is run in real-time with RTLinux, a real-time operating system. RTLinux effectively runs Linux as its lowest priority to generate real-time characteristics (i.e. meeting hard deadlines, being completely reliable, etc). The webcam, which is attached to the apparatus, streams its captured video data into the third-party CamStream software that runs in the user mode of RTLinux¿s lowest priority. The CamStream software uses the Video4Linux API along with Qt, a multi-platform C++ GUI toolkit to display the video stream. The idea behind the JIWYNET project is to implement the control of the JIWY system from a remote PC, over an IP network. The remote PC would have access to the video stream from the webcam and the controls of JIWY¿s actuators, thus enabling an interactive demonstration of the JIWY system via an Internet connection. The JIWYNET application consists of two sets of code. The client software is written in JAVA, while the server side software is the altered C++, CamStream. By writing the client side software in JAVA, the user should be able to download the code at any remote PC and then run the application on the JVM layer. The network connection effectively uncouples the Java and C++ programs. The server side also runs a controller implemented in 20SIM. The final part of the JIWYNET project was to write kernel and user applications for the RTLinux server, enabling the real-time controller to react to the remote clients camera position requests. This report outlines the design efforts put forth to stream live video over an IP network for the JIWYNET project. It also documents the aspects of design regarding the real-time control and optimization of the JIWYNET project.
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Publication statusPublished - 2002
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