Kalman filtering for the evaluation of the current-time function in d.c. polarography

M. Bos

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Kalman filtering was applied to the current vs. time data obtained at the growing mercury drop of a DME under d.c. polarographic conditions, to separate the faradaic and capacitive components of the electrode current. Polarograms consisting of the pure faradaic current vs. applied d.c. potential were subjected to a four-parameter curve-fitting procedure to obtain the polarographic characteristics, viz. half-wave potential, limiting current and slope of the log plot together with the baseline current. The method was tested with cadmium and zinc in the 10−6–10−5 M range. The standard deviations of the half-wave potentials and the limiting current/concentration ratios were found to be 1.0 mV and 0.04 respectively.
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Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - 1986


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