KiMPA: A Kinematics-Based Method for Polygon Approximation

T.M. Yakhno (Editor), E. Saykol, G. Gülesir, U. Gudukbay, Ö. Ulusoy

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    In different types of information systems, such as multimedia information systems and geographic information systems, object-based information is represented via polygons corresponding to the boundaries of object regions. In many applications, the polygons have large number of vertices and edges, thus a way of representing the polygons with less number of vertices and edges is developed. This approach, called polygon approximation, or polygon simplification, is basically motivated with the difficulties faced in processing polygons with large number of vertices. Besides, large memory usage and disk requirements, and the possibility of having relatively more noise can also be considered as the reasons for polygon simplification. In this paper, a kinematics-based method for polygon approximation is proposed. The vertices of polygons are simplified according to the velocities and accelerations of the vertices with respect to the centroid of the polygon. Another property of the proposed method is that the user may set the number of vertices to be in the approximated polygon, and may hierarchically simplify the output. The approximation method is demonstrated through the experiments based on a set of polygonal objects.
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    Publication statusPublished - Oct 2002
    EventAdvances in Information Systems: Second International Conference (ADVIS) - Izmir, Turkey
    Duration: 23 Oct 200225 Oct 2002


    ConferenceAdvances in Information Systems: Second International Conference (ADVIS)
    Other23-25 October 2002


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