LADM in the classroom: Making the land administration domain model accessible

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At Faculty ITC, we have noticed that it can be challenging for students to fully understand the Land Administration Domain Model (LADM). Given the complexity of the subject, this can be expected. Good teaching aids that materialise the concepts and diagrams prescribed in the standard are needed. Part of the problem is that the modelling language, that is, the Unified Modelling Language, UML, is not so easy to understand. Whoever wants to understand LADM must also understand UML.

We developed a new approach. Offered datasets modelled according to the LADM standard open up the possibility of teaching from the concrete level (end product) and not from the abstraction level in UML. This means starting from a cadastral map with visually linked rights and entitled parties. Then the translation of this data into database tables is the next level of understanding. What do these tables look like for the data shown on the map? Finally, the link between database tables and UML diagrams is presented to the students.

A virtually accessible LADM implementation that starts with the concrete and ends with the abstract is better understood by students than the UML model of the LADM. This is a good support in the learning process.

Different scenarios can be derived from a single dataset, demonstrating multiple levels of complexity and model variations that accommodate different local land tenure arrangements.

The presentation in this session will consist of an introduction showing the different steps (i.e. maps, tables, UML models). Afterwards, a live demonstration will show the didactic possibilities that such a dataset, and the associated tools, can offer.

All introduced tools will be published under an open, permissible license to invite all actors in the community to use them
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Publication statusPublished - 12 Sept 2022
Event27th FIG Congress 2022: Volunteering for the future - Geospatial excellence for a better living - Warsaw, Poland
Duration: 11 Sept 202215 Sept 2022
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Conference27th FIG Congress 2022
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