Laser impact on a drop

Alexander Ludwig Klein, C.W. Visser, W. Bouwhuis, H.E. Lhuissier, Jacobus Hendrikus Snoeijer, E. Villermaux, Detlef Lohse, Hanneke Gelderblom

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The energy deposition in a liquid drop on a nanosecond time scale by impact of a laser pulse can induce various reactions, such as vaporization or plasma generation. The response of the drop can be extremely violent: The drop gets strongly deformed and propelled forward at several m/s, and subsequently breaks up or even explodes. These effects are used in a controlled manner during the generation of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) light in nanolithography machines for the fabrication of leading-edge semiconductor microchips. Detailed understanding of the fundamentals of this process is of key importance in order to advance the latest lithography machines. - See more at:
Original languageEnglish
PublisherAmerican Physical Society
Publication statusPublished - 2014
Event67th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics, APS-DFD 2014 - San Francisco, United States
Duration: 23 Nov 201425 Nov 2014
Conference number: 67


  • IR-95082
  • METIS-308404


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