Latent-response Rasch models for strategy shifts in problem-solving processes

Carl P.M. Rijkes, Henk Kelderman

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In this chapter, the problem of strategy shifts in problem-solving is discussed within the framework an extended Rasch model (RM) theory. A strategy-shift model is formulated that is similar to the (generalized) solution-error response-error model of Westers & Kelderman (1991). Modeling of strategy shifts is illustrated by means of the balance-beam task of Siegler (1981), which was administered to 484 Dutch 12-to-13-year-old children. Different hypotheses regarding the strategy shifts of subjects based on Siegler’s theory concerning the balance task are specified and empirically tested.
Original languageUndefined
Title of host publicationMultivariate and mixture distribution Rasch models
EditorsMatthias von Davier, Claus H. Carstensen
Place of PublicationBerlin, Germany
ISBN (Print)9780387329161
Publication statusPublished - 2007

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NameStatistics for social and behavioral sciences


  • IR-85756

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