Likelihood-based estimation methods for models for concurrent continuous and discrete responses

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Recently, continuous responses have attracted interest as covariates accompanying discrete responses. One may think of the response time needed to answer an item in a computerized adaptive testing situation. In the present report, a model is proposed to analyze such data. In this model, dichotomous responses are modeled by a multidimensional extension of the three-parameter logistic model, continuous responses are modeled by a multidimensional extension of a model proposed by Mellenbergh (1994), and the relation between the responses is modeled by a variant of the testlet model by Bradlow, Wainer, and Wang (1999). Amarginal maximum likelihood method is outlined and a simulation study is conducted to test the precision of this estimation procedure and the Type I error rate and power of likelihood-ratio tests pertaining to the covariance structure.
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PublisherLaw School Admission Council
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Publication statusPublished - 2005

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