Line driver with adaptive output impedance

Bram Nauta (Inventor)

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    Abstract not available for DE69834793D Abstract of corresponding document: US5973490 A line driver comprising a first transistor (M1), a first amplifier (A1) and a reference resistor (10) for converting an input voltage (Vin) to a first current (i1) through the first transistor (M1). A second current i2=n*i1 flows through a second transistor (M2) which forms a 1:n current mirror with the first transistor (M1). The current i2 flows to a load (6), if so required via a transmission line (TL). The impedance of the load (6) is equal to the characteristic impedance RL of the transmission line (TL). Thus the impedance seen by the line driver is equal to RL. A second transconductance amplifier (A2) counteracts reflected signals in the output signal (Vout) caused by mismatch between the output impedance of the current mirror (M1, M2) and the impedance seen by the line driver.
    Original languageUndefined
    Patent numberEP0917788(B1)
    Priority date2/02/98
    Publication statusPublished - 7 Jun 2006


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