Liner radius fluctuations in a high-gain Cherenkov free-electron laser

M.I. de la Fuente Valentin, Petrus J.M. van der Slot, Klaus J. Boller

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Phase shifts in the propagating electromagnetic field of a Cherenkov free-electron laser (CFEL) can affect its gain. The phase velocity of an electromagnetic wave varies, for example, when the lined waveguide is inhomogeneous along its length. In this paper, we study quantitatively the saturated power of a particular CFEL at both weak and strong electron-beam pumping when the inner radius of the liner contains fluctuations along the waveguide. We show that the gain bandwidth of the CFEL is substantially broadened when the CFEL is pumped with a high-current beam. We also show that the design of a CFEL needs to include optimization with respect to sensitivity to liner fluctuations, especially for weakly pumped CFELs, that is, CFELs that use a low-current electron-beam density. This optimization can be relaxed for more strongly pumped CFELs.
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Pages (from-to)020702-1-020702-7
Number of pages7
JournalPhysical review special topics : Accelerators and beams
Issue number020702
Publication statusPublished - 2007


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