Lining up higher education. Trends in selected higher education statistics in ten Western countries (IHEM Trendreport 2004)

Franciscus Kaiser, Harm Hillegers, Iwen Legro

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In this fourth IHEM trend report, key statistical issues like student flows (new entrants, enrolment, and graduation, broken down by discipline and gender), rates of participation, staff, and finance are presented for the ten IHEM core countries over the period 1995 till recent. National statistical sources are used to get an up-to-date and comprehensive quantitative overview of the higher education systems.
Original languageUndefined
Place of PublicationEnschede
PublisherCenter for Higher Education Policy Studies (CHEPS)
Number of pages74
Publication statusPublished - 2005

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NameIHEM Trendreport


  • IR-53598
  • METIS-226560

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