Lithography system and target positioning drive

Gerrit Maarten Bonnema (Inventor), Bert Jan Kampherbeek (Inventor), Lucas Franciscus Koorneef (Inventor), Marco Jan Jaco Wieland (Inventor), Gert Jan P. Nijsse (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


The invention relates to a lithography system comprising an image projecting system, comprising a base frame, a common measurement reference, vibration isolating means there between, and an image projection means. A chuck is moveable relative to a base drive frame part via a supporting means realising a relative movement with multiple degrees of freedom. The base drive frame is supported by said base frame with two degrees of freedom. Further: a source from which particles are extracted, and an electrostatic lens structure with lens apertures, deflecting a particle beam over said target, first measuring means for the position of said chuck and said base frame relative to said metroframe. Said image is positioned by positioning one or both of said chuck and said base drive frame, and by adapting a deflecting action of an electron beam by said electrostatic lens structure.
Original languageEnglish
Patent number200832083
Publication statusSubmitted - 2008


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