Longitudinal magnetization loss in twisted multifilamentary Bi2223 tape

N. Amemiya, J.J. Rabbers, Hendrikus J.G. Krooshoop, Bernard ten Haken, Herman H.J. ten Kate, N. Ayai, K. Hayashi

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Multifilamentary Bi2223 tapes are exposed to the longitudinal magnetic field as well as the transverse one in some electrical power apparatuses such as multilayer power transmission cables. Here, we define the longitudinal and transverse magnetic fields as the field components parallel and perpendicular to the tape axis, respectively. If the filament-bundle is twisted, it can couple to the AC longitudinal magnetic field to generate the longitudinal magnetization loss. Furthermore, the AC transport current flowing spirally in the twisted filament-bundle possibly influences the longitudinal magnetization. The longitudinal magnetization loss was measured in a twisted multifilamentary Bi2223 tape exposed to longitudinal magnetic field and carrying the transport current. The measured longitudinal magnetization loss in the twisted tape exposed to the longitudinal magnetic field is larger than that in another untwisted tape. Supplying the AC transport current changes the longitudinal magnetization loss in the twisted tape exposed to the AC longitudinal magnetic field. The influence of the transport current depends on the phase relation between the longitudinal magnetic field and the transport current. If their phase difference is 0°, the longitudinal magnetization loss decreases remarkably with increasing amplitude of the transport current. It means that the change in the current distribution due to the transport current results in the decrease in the power flow from the magnet power supply. But, a preliminary measurement of the transport loss shows that the total loss increases with increasing transport current.
Original languageUndefined
Pages (from-to)1723-1726
JournalPhysica C
Issue numberPart 3
Publication statusPublished - 2002


  • Twist
  • Bi-2223
  • IR-58997
  • Longitudinal magnetic field
  • Magnetization loss

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