Low power wide spectrum optical transmitter using avalanche mode LEDs in SOI CMOS technology

Vishal Vishal Agarwal, Satadal Dutta, Anne J. Annema, Raymond Josephus Engelbart Hueting, P.G. Steeneken, Bram Nauta

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    This paper presents a low power monolithically integrated optical transmitter with avalanche mode light emitting diodes in a 140 nm silicon-on-insulator CMOS technology. Avalanche mode LEDs in silicon exhibit wide-spectrum electroluminescence (400 nm < λ < 850 nm), which has a significant overlap with the responsivity of silicon photodiodes. This enables monolithic CMOS integration of optocouplers, for e.g. smart power applications requiring high data rate communication with a large galvanic isolation. To ensure a certain minimum number of photons per data pulse (or per bit), light emitting diode drivers must be robust against process, operating conditions and temperature variations of the light emitting diode. Combined with the avalanche mode light emitting diode’s steep current-voltage curve at relatively high breakdown voltages, this conventionally results in high power consumption and significant heating. The presented transmitter circuit is intrinsically robust against these issues, thereby enabling low power operation.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)16981-16995
    Number of pages14
    JournalOptics express
    Issue number15
    Publication statusPublished - 24 Jul 2017


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